Community Engagement funding

Would your Club enjoy £100 funding and 50 Discs?

The UKWDGA and Disc Golf UK bring you this innovative Community Engagement Event funding opportunity.

What is Community Engagement?

Disc Golf Groups and Clubs across the UK are already growing Disc Golf by holding a variety of events, taking disc golf to schools, scouting groups etc., or just holding taster sessions in their local park.

The UKWDGA and Disc Golf UK are keen to support your Club and increase its membership, which will provide a community hub for people to meet and learn more about disc golf and other ways to participate.

It only seems right to recognise the enthusiasm out there, it’s all about growing the sport at grassroots and engaging with families/children and we believe Clubs are the way forward.

The UKWDGA in collaboration with Disc Golf UK, bring the opportunity of FUNDING AND DISCS that will enable and empower those who become open and transparent managed Clubs to host Community Engagement Events.

What does our Group/Club need to do to qualify?

  • Achieve the UKWDGA Club Level Program© 4 or 5 Star Tier Rating and,
  • commit to host 2 Community Engagement Events as a minimum or,
  • commit to host at least 1 PDGA rated tournament each year, which caters to its membership demographic, and at least 1 Community Engagement Event.

You can then apply for our Community Engagement Event funding opportunity.

A Community Engagement Event should be attended and supervised by Club Members and structured around Disc Golf in order to promote the activity.

Details of the Event should be outlined to the UKWDGA using the Community Engagement Application Form.

An Event should be open to all and promoted using Social Media as a minimum, so that it is evident when and where it is being held, tagging the UKWDGA and Disc Golf UK. Any other promotion should include UKWDGA & Disc Golf UK logos (these will be provided).

In order to measure the level of success the UKWDGA would require feedback on the event, including participation numbers and demographics. We will supply a form for your completion beforehand so you know what data to capture.

2022 opportunity is now closed. 

Have bigger dreams and aspirations, need more than £100 and 50 discs, let us know your proposal and we will see what we can do together to grow the sport we all love! We are happy to discuss this for 2023.

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